St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Patron Saint

Patronage of Saint Elizabeth Seton

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Patron Saint
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Patron Saint

The trials that the blessed Saint Elizabeth faced in her life and her founding role in the formation have led to her having special patronage of Catholic schools as well as the state of Maryland, Shreveport and Louisiana.

However her influence does not stop there, she is also deeply loved by widows and the poor.

During her canonization there three major miracles, which were attributed directly to her intercession.
These were the amazing cure of Carl Kalin of New York who was dying of a rare form of Encephalitis (swelling of the brain). Anne Theresa O'Neill was dying of acute lymphatic leukemia until the blessed Saint Elizabeth interceded; Sister Gertrude Korzendorfer was also saved from cancer.

Her patronage of Maryland is quite self-explanatory since her works in education started there but her patronage of Louisiana comes from the fact that the cure of Sister Gertrude took place there in New Orleans. The church of Saint Elizabeth Seton can be found in Lafayette, Louisiana along with a catholic community dedicated to her.

She also have apostleship of the sea due to two of her sons working on the sea, she tragically lost her son Richard off the coast of Liberia on board the ship Oswego.

The loss of all but one of her children during her lifetime means that she will always have time for those who face similar pain and tragedy.

She is also well known for her patronage of those ridiculed for her piety and those suffering the opposition of church authorities.

Her many years of struggle against anti-catholic prejudice and the disapproval and abandonment of her family at a time when she and her children needed them most means that Mother Seton will always open her arms to those with no where else to turn.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Patron Saint of :

Apostleship of the Sea (two of her sons worked on the sea)
death of children
in-law problems
loss of parents
opposition of Church authorities
people ridiculed for their piety
Shreveport, Louisiana, diocese of

“We know certainly that our God calls us to a holy life. We know that he gives us every grace, every abundant grace; and though we are so weak of ourselves, this grace is able to carry us through every obstacle and difficulty.”

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